Richard Staszewski, P.E.

Electrical Engineer, Vice President

Mr. Staszewski has worked in commercial and industrial electric power since 1987.  He has filled both design and management positions and is experienced with every facet of the industry.  Mr. Staszewski has held positions ranging from Apprentice Electrician, Draftsperson, Electrical Designer, to Project Manager, and Electrical Engineer.  He has held these positions with the most renowned engineering firms in the Delaware Valley. Mr. Staszewski earned his BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers University in 1991 and is a registered professional engineer in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York State. In addition he also holds LEED BD+C accreditation and maintains his registration as a New Jersey Electrical Contractor. Mr. Staszewski is an active member of the IEEE.

Notable projects of Mr. Staszewski

BIOLOGICAL CONTAINMENT LAB, VIVARIUM: Lead Electrical Engineer for a project consisting of two buildings including a 150,000 square foot, six story facility and 75,000 square foot, three story facility.  Facilities included an administrative office, laboratories, and vivarium’s, including an NMR suite consisting of a 800mHz and 500mHz NMR’s for multiple NIH tenants.

AMBULATORY SURGICAL CENTER: Lead Electrical Engineer for ambulatory surgical centers at various sites.  Electrical design included, new generator for essential power system, operating rooms including isolated power systems, and all support spaces.

MAJOR PHARMACEUTICAL CORPORATION: Multiple Projects: Projects included retrofitting two building on the Hopewell campus, multiple small laboratory renovations at two New Jersey sites, one of which included electrical infrastructure upgrades.

ACADEMIC INSTITUTION, SOUTHERN UNITED STATES: Center for Predictive Medicine for Biodefense & Emerging Infectious Disease: Lead Electrical Engineer for a 38,000 sf regional biocontainment laboratory, built with a grant from the NIAID. Laboratory consisted of office, BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratories and ABSL-2 and ABSL-3 vivarium space. Building was designed to meet LEED Silver Certification and included a 50kW DC-STC photovoltaic system and a 2000kW emergency generator installed on the second story of the building.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION: Lead Electrical Engineer for corporate campus 34.5kV service upgrade. Project included addition of one 10.5MVA power transformer to a lineup of three existing 10.5MVA power transformers providing N+1 redundancy, rework of 13.8kV feeders to redistribute the load on the four transformers, retrofit of existing switches and addition of a PLC to provide automatic transfer from one of two utility feeders, remote manual operation of the 34.5kV switches and commissioning of the power and control system.

FOOD AND METROLOGY LABORATORY: Lead Electrical Engineer for an approximately 78,000 sf food and metrology laboratory for state government. The laboratory consisted of food chemistry labs, microbiology labs, BSL-3 labs, and weights and measures lab. Building electrical service consisted of connecting to two existing 13.8kV feeders, a double ended substation with closed transition automatic transfer, and remote operation of the primary switches and main and tie low voltage circuit breakers.

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Robert J. Bailey

CEO, President, Electrical Engineer

Mr. Bailey has worked in the heavy industrial electric power and control system industry since 1976, in both design and operation capabilities.  As one of the founding principals of Tangibl Consulting, LLC and predecessor Tangibl, LLC, Mr. Bailey served as principal engineer and project manager for electrical systems on many large industrial, commercial, and municipal construction projects across the mid-Atlantic region. Between 1986 and 1994 Mr. Bailey was featured in numerous newspaper columns and broadcast specials on consumer electrical safety, written and hosted by TV consumer advocate and newspaper columnist Mr. Herb Denenberg. Mr. Bailey holds a BET degree in Electrical Engineering from Spring Garden College, and numerous CEU certifications in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Mr. Bailey lectured on power/control systems as an adjunct faculty member of the Electrical Engineering Department at the former Spring Garden College in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, and is an active member of the IEEE/ PES + IES. Email Robert: [email protected]