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Tangibl, LLC is now Tangibl Consulting, LLC.
Tangibl Consulting, LLC (TC or the "Company") is an electrical engineering and consulting firm located in suburban Philadelphia that provides professional design services to a variety of clients in the Mid-Atlantic region. The company's history began in 1988 when it was founded as Bailey Calhoun & Associates, and known later as BCA Engineering (BCA). In the late 1990's the restructuring of the energy utility industry created opportunities for outsourcing and BCA expanded into the utility market by forming Utility Management Consulting (UMC). Tangibl, LLC was formed in 2002 with the merger of BCA and UMC. In 2016 Tangibl, LLC was restructured and Tangibl Consulting, LLC (TC) was formed to continue providing power system design services to the healthcare, science and technology facilities (S&T), pharmaceutical, office buildings, industrial, municipal, energy utilities and resource recovery markets.

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