Our Services

Our Services include:

• Power Systems Design

• Power Distribution Design

• Power Generation Design

• Power Quality Analyses

• Lighting Systems Design

• Communication Systems Designs

• Alarm Systems Design

• Instrumentation and Control Systems Design

• Registered Engineers PA, NJ, and NY

• Any Size Project

• Highest standard Drawings and Specifications

• NFPA codes and standards

• Electrical Forensic Investigations and Analysis

• Consulting Engineers


Tangibl Consulting works together with entire project design teams, including architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and other professionals to provide complete and coordinated electrical design packages to each client.

Whether it be a building lighting layout, distribution substation rearrangement, control relay protection package, power generation forensic investigation, or wastewater treatment process instrumentation, Tangibl Consulting brings timely custom solutions to every client for every project.


Our team is regularly tasked with updating older electrical distribution and control systems. These projects are critical to bring any organization into the modern era of cost effective and reliable energy consumption.

Industrial and commercial facilities built over the past 60-years often have archaic electrical distribution technology, which poses a multifaceted replacement outline for our clients. Renovation of outdated systems immediately reduces energy costs while maximizing facility capabilities, reliability, and safety.

Updating systems requires detailed coordination with utility companies, contractors, and clients. Tangibl Consulting is committed to facilitating this communication on every project.

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