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Tangibl Consulting completed the design, for renovation, of a 8,070 square foot office building, receiving a 6,800 square foot addition. The building consisted of offices, conference rooms, a meeting hall, and amenity services areas. The utility service entrance of the building had to be replaced to accommodate a new fire pump which required coordination with the local utility company. Our design team along with project architects worked together in mapping lighting and controls for the new and old sections of the building. Our team also made updates and modifications to the existing fire alarm system.
Conduit and Junction Boxes
Science & Technology

Tangibl Consulting’s senior engineering staff served as Lead Electrical Engineer for a 38,000 square foot regional biocontainment laboratory. The Laboratory consisted of an office, BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratories and ABSL-2 and ABSL-3 vivarium space. The building was designed to meet LEED Silver Certification and included a 50kW DC-STC photovoltaic system and a 2000kW emergency generator installed on the second story of the building.

Tangibl Consulting successfully completed the design of a medium voltage electrical power distribution system for a very large solid waste facility. This facility, located in southeastern Pennsylvania, is one of the largest landfills in the United States, and is regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP). Tangibl Consulting and its predecessor companies have provided professional engineering services to this client and these facilities since the 1980’s. The scope of work included aerial as well as underground distribution, SF6 switchgear, oil-filled padmount-type transformers and 600V distribution equipment.

A large Delaware Valley newspaper retained Tangibl Consulting for peer review of the design for their new printing facility. The new facility is served from the local utility at 34.5kV. The scope of work included 34.5kV service entrance equipment, oil-filled 2500kVA padmount type transformers and 480V distribution equipment. Tangibl Consulting recommended the use of particular types of equipment, as well as managing the relationship with the local utility company.
Water Treatment

Tangibl Consulting successfully completed the design of a medium voltage electrical power distribution system, lighting, and low voltage power and controls, for a 7 MGD water pre-treatment/booster pump station at a municipal water authority. The pumping station scope of work included aerial as well as underground 34.5kV distribution, 480V power distribution, motor control, lighting and HVAC control. Major equipment included 34.5kV air-insulated switchgear, a 2500kVA oil-filled padmount-type transformer and 480V distribution equipment including a 500kW emergency generator, a 3200A switchboard and variable frequency motor controls for pumps as large as 125HP.
Wastewater Treatment

Tangibl Consulting completed the design of lighting system renovations for a local municipal owned baseball field. The project consisted of replacing light posts, light fixtures, and control instrumentation. At the recommendation of Tangibl Consulting new aluminum light posts were used to replace the existing wooden posts and existing HID lighting was updated with LED. Making sure surrounding athletic fields and leisure areas were not disturbed during construction was top priority. Tangibl Consulting worked closely with project contractors to insure these areas were kept accessible and operable. The new design and equipment provides less light maintenance, superior light performance, and 70% improved energy efficiency.
Recreation Facilities


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